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Zach's Staff Photo
  • Name: Zach George
  • Location: Cincinnati Oh.
  • Ninja Turtle: Leonardo
  • Pizza Style: New York
  • Favorite Pizza Place: Roc-A-Fellas Pizza

I had the idea for Pizza Boner two years ago and I'm really stoked that it's actually come to something. I love pizza and Photography. For me, this is a way to combine those two things. It's also a great excuse to keep trying new pizza places in Cincinnati and anywhere else I happen to go. I go to school for eMedia at UC Blue Ash. I Play music and make videos in my spare time. you can check those out here

Brian's Staff Photo
  • Name: Brian Maier Jr.
  • Location: Louisville Ky.
  • Ninja Turtle: Michelangelo
  • Pizza Style:
  • Favorite Pizza Place:

Brian is too busy to write up his 'about me' section. He is a web designer and front end developer in Louisville. He plays guitars and sings like a pretty little bird in a band called Tall Tales. Brian loves Pizza almost as much as I do. He's a pretty rad dude.

Stk's Staff Photo
  • Name: Chris Poulin
  • Location: Cincinnati Oh.
  • Ninja Turtle: Donatello
  • Pizza Style:
  • Favorite Pizza Place:

My name is Chris and I enjoy pizza. Whether it be pizza from a box or pizza with a fox, I enjoy all kinds and varieties regardless of the season. Some people even call me the Michael Jordan of eating pizza, because every time I do it’s a slam-dunk! So bring it on pizzerias, cause I’m looking forward to eating what your menu’s offer, today!

Hannah's Staff Photo
  • Name: Hannah-Willow Shows
  • Location: Iowa City Ia.
  • Ninja Turtle: Raphael
  • Pizza Style: Chicago
  • Favorite Pizza Place: Pi

I love pizza more than any healthy, well-adjusted human being ever should. If I could, I would marry it. This website is a great excuse for me to eat more of it (not that I'd need one). I'm a biochemistry student at the University of Iowa, and I work at the Center for Emerging Infectious Disease. Making music, eating pizza, and playing with diseases are basically all I do with my time.